Aklan Lodge No. 205 and XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342 Joint Public Installation of Officers Commemoration to the heroism of the 19 Martyrs of Aklan

Welcome to XIX Martyrs Lodge no. 342, F&AM!

"...the great secret of Freemasonry, is actually found in the unconscious of each person. It is discovered by each individual for himself. Mason or not, as he comes to know himself and finds the road that takes him to his city. Because the real secret of freemasonry is finding out, who you are..."    - Benjamin Franklin

Aklan Masonic Center Renovation

The Aklan Masonic Center is the home of the Freemasons of Aklan. It is where we regularly assemble and practice Freemasonry as authorized by the Grand Lodge. To most of us, it is where we first literally knocked on its door to see the light by being initiated, passed and raised as we pursue for [...]

NFA Aklan – XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342, F&AM i-Rice Advocacy Partner

NFA and XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342 Iron Fortified Rice (i-Rice) advocacy program partnership held at Boracay Ati settlement, December 9, 2011. Click Here for more pictures. The iron-fortified rice is an enriched rice made from a blend of premixed iron-fortified rice grains with ordinary rice. It uses ferrous sulphate as fortificant and can be [...]

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