I-Rice Advocacy Program

Schedule of NFA and XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342 Iron Fortified Rice or I-Rice advocacy program partnership will be on December 9, 2011 at Boracay Ati settlement. The iron-fortified rice is an enriched rice made from a blend of premixed iron-fortified rice grains with ordinary rice. It uses ferrous sulphate as fortificant and can be [...]

Aklan Masonic Center Reconstruction

Please be reminded of our agreed fellowship meeting together with the brethren of Aklan Lodge :: 205 at Bro. Paul’s residence tomorrow after five. Matters pertaining to the plan and development of Aklan Masonic Center will be discussed. See you my worthy brother!

Bring a Friend

XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342 will be having a fellowship on the 15th of July 2011 – Friday, 5pm at NFA Staff House, Linabuan Sur. This event is conducted in the purpose to gather the brethren and friends to a fellowship and Masonic Education. This event is our chance to reveal in our own lives [...]