Famous Masons


Mihail Sadoveanu
Romanian Novelist, short story writer, journalist and political figure, Grand Master from 1932.
Praxedes Mateo Sagasta
Prime Minister of Spain. (1825-1903)
Leverett Saltonstall
Governor of Massachusetts, United States Senator from Massachusetts. Member, Fraternity Lodge, Newton, Massachusetts.
Frans Sammut
Maltese author and intellectual. (1945-2011)
Jose de San Martin
Argentine hero from the Spanish Revolution.
Augusto Cesar Sandino
Central American revolutionary and founder of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, (Santa Ana)
Mexican general and President.
Artur Santos
Portuguese politician, Mayor of Ourem during the Fatima apparitions.
Lope K. Santos
First Woshipful Master of Magat Lodge No. 68 in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya and was member of the Philippine Bodies. Editor of Muling Pagsilang, labor leader, last president of Union Obrrera Democrata, author of socialistic novel entitled Banaag at Sikat and textbooks titled Diwang Kayumanggi, Director of the Suriang ng Wikang Pambansa, Governor of Rizal Province, and Senator of the Philippines.
Denis Sassou Nguesso
General and the president of the Republic of the Congo.
Philipp Gotthard
Prince-Bishop of Breslau.
Friedrich Schiller
erman poet, philosopher, historian, and playwright, Rudolstadt Lodge, Berlin.
Richard Seddon
Longest serving Prime Minister of New Zealand (1893-1906), Grand Master of New Zealand (1898-1900).
Peter Sellers
Actor, comedian, star of The Goon Show and The Pink Panther movie series, Chelsea Lodge No 3098, UGLE.
Sir Ernest Shackleton
UK explorer.
Heath Shuler
United States Congressman for North Carolina, Oconee Lodge 427.
Jean Sibelius
Composer, Suomi Lodge No. 1, Helsinki, Finland, 1922. Wrote several pieces of interest to Masons including "Praising Hymn" and the "Ode to Fraternity."
Sampson Simson
Lawyer and philanthropist.
Richard Bernard "Red" Skelton
American comedian, Vincennes Lodge No. 1, Vincennes, Indiana.
James Sloan
Co-founder of the Orange Order.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, Nauvoo Lodge, Illinois.
Joseph Smith, Sr.
Mormon leader, Ontario Lodge No. 23 of Canandaigua, New York, 1818.
Hyrum Smith
Mormon leader, Mount Moriah Lodge No. 112, Palmyra, New York.
John Philip Sousa
Composer, Hiram Lodge No. 10, Washington, D.C.
Sir Bernard Spilsbury
British forensic scientist.
Frederick Stanley
16th Earl of Derby, British politician.
Goswin de Stassart
Belgian statesman.
Jock Stein
Football manager of teams including Celtic F.C. and Scotland.
Stanislaw Stempowski
Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Poland (1926-1928).
Charles Mortram Sternberg
Canadian paleontologist,Civil Service Lodge No. 148 Ottawa, Ont.
Potter Stewart
US Associate Justice (1958-1981).
W. Clement Stone
Businessman, philanthropist and self-help book author (1902-2002).
William Leete Stone, Sr.
Journalist and historian. Author of works regarding Freemasonry and its opponents.
Joseph Story
US Associate Justice (1811-1845).
Philipp von Stosch
Occultist, antiquarian and English spy.
William Stukeley
English archaeologist and antiquarian. Lodge at Salutation Tavern, London.
Alexandru Sturdza
Russian publicist and diplomat of Romanian origin.
Dimitrie Sturdza
Four-time Prime Minister of Romania, president of the Romanian Academy (1882-1884).
Sir Arthur Sullivan
Sullivan of 'Gilbert and Sullivan', and was also Grand Organist of the UGLE in 1887.
William A. Sutherland
California State Assemblyman (1910-1914).
Noah H. Swayne
US Associate Justice (1862-1881).
John Swett
Founder of the California public school system, Phoenix Lodge No. 144, San Francisco, CA.
Stevan Sremac
Serbian realist and comedy writer. (1855-1906)