Aklan Masonic Center Renovation

The Aklan Masonic Center is the home of the Freemasons of Aklan. It is where we regularly assemble and practice Freemasonry as authorized by the Grand Lodge. To most of us, it is where we first literally knocked on its door to see the light by being initiated, passed and raised as we pursue for [...]

NFA Aklan – XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342, F&AM i-Rice Advocacy Partner

NFA and XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342 Iron Fortified Rice (i-Rice) advocacy program partnership held at Boracay Ati settlement, December 9, 2011. Click Here for more pictures. The iron-fortified rice is an enriched rice made from a blend of premixed iron-fortified rice grains with ordinary rice. It uses ferrous sulphate as fortificant and can be [...]

Aid for flood victims of typhoon Pedring

Four boxes were sent by the Lodge through ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya. Two boxes sent from Kalibo with the combined donations of used clothings of the Kalibo Team of VW Bobbie Trabajo, Bros Oliver Cambas and Butz Retonio and Culasi, Antique Team of VW Clyde Valente and Bro Joji Lomugdang. And another two boxes were [...]

Bro. Yul Cariscal

A visit to the wake of the father of Bro Yul Cariscal the night before the interment. L-R: 342 WM Dr. Adrian Salaver, VW Bobbie Trabajo, Bro Yul and Bro Butz

Happy Birthday Worshipful Master Adrian Salaver

WM Adrian Salaver celebrated his birthday at Kingfisher’s Farm, Boracay. Bro. Noel Dimafiles and Bro. Clyde Valente from Hamtik Lodge No. 76 came to celebrate and VW. Bobby Trabajo, Bro. Paul Macahilas, Bro. Butz Retonio and Bro. Marlo Schonenberger from XIX Martyrs Lodge No. 342. The party was a blast. We had lunch and fellowship [...]

Boracay Fellowship

L-R: 342 WM Dr Adrian Salaver, Bro Butz Retonio, Bro Marlo Schoenenberger, Bro Oliver Cambas, visiting Bro Sammy Trabajo of Juan Sumulong Memorial Lodge No. 169 (QC) the blood brother of VW Bobbie Trabajo (rightmost) at the WM’s Kingfisher’s Resort in Boracay.


Congratulations to our newly raised Bro. Marlo Schönenberger.

City Savings Bank Opening and Blessing

Brethren from XIX Martyrs :: # 342 and Aklan :: # 205 attended the opening and blessing of the new City Savings Bank in Kalibo, August 2, 2011, 7 a.m. Extending our moral support to Bro. Julius Tiples from Negrense :: # 200 who is the manager of the said bank. Present were: VW Bobbie [...]

Visayas Regional Convention

The Brethren of XIX Martys Lodge No. 342 with Grand Master Juanito P. Abergas during the Visayas Regional Convention Held at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol Conference Hall: (L-R) Auditor Nonoy Tayo, SD Oliver Cambas, Treas Bobbie Trabajo, JW Dr Paul Macahilas and WM Dr Adrian Salaver. Not in photo is JD Butz Retonio. Please visit: [...]


JOINT AKLAN LODGE NO. 205 – XIX MARTYRS LODGE NO. 342 FELLOWSHIP. July 22, 2011- thanks to Sis Oyet and Bro. Paul for the dinner and cocktails. hopefully we will be able to rebuild our Aklan Masonic Center now that we were able to lay down the plans and program as well as the pledges [...]